Prophetic Word for the 16th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 16th of October 2020 - When I call you

When I call you then you need to be ready to move wherever I will guide you. The times are here that you are needed as the deliverer of the lost sheep.

I will bring you to places where you are needed the most and I will give you provisions so that you can lift up my fallen sheep in their lives and in their path towards my Kingdom.

When I call you

Move immediately when I call you. Stop all other work and follow my voice because my missions will be urgent and lives may be at stake. You will have transport to reach my children in distress and provisions to feed them or to shelter them.

Make you Holy Places your command centers where we will plan the next missions and operations. I will open the heaven over you and will send you helpers to stand at your side.

When I call you

A whole new World is emerging and the children who have gone astray will walk from disaster to disaster. But you are my ambassadors on earth and my relief force that I will send to the lost sheep.

You will deliver them from great agony and you will explain to them what has happened and what they need to do now. Together you will walk the path of glory towards my holy mountain. You will bring many people to righteousness. Stand ready when I call you!


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