Prophetic Word for the 17th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 17th of December 2020 - Refuge

I am your refuge and bulwark. Under my wings will you find cover and protection. I am the great I AM. Your true Father and the ruler of the universe.

Only in my Kingdom, the Kingdom of the only living God, will you be able to stand against the evil flood. Seek life over death and step out of the World, Babylon and the Churches.


Establish with my remnant army strongholds in your nations that I can use as Arks of Safety when I will take you into the wilderness. My call to build these places of refuge has gone out.

You are called to support them in any way possible. They will be my Holy Places that I will cover supernaturally when the Antichrist will be in full power.


Into these places will I guide you to be out of harms way and to continue your harvest when the man of blasphemy will try to stop your great work for the Kingdom. He will find his Master in me.

None of his minions will see you when you are in my Arks of Refuge even if they will stand right in front of them. I will make it so. My covering will be available for all assemblies of my Daughter of Zion. Come forward and support my Arks of Safety.


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