Prophetic Word for the 18th of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 18th of January 2021 - A great Light

I sent you a great light to the world with my son Jesus. Now I will transfer this light to his harvesting brides. They will walk in his image in all nations on earth.

Great lights will be seen again within my Remnant Army of Kings and Priests. I will give them the first dominion here on earth. A dominion that belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven.

A great Light

Everybody will recognize these new lights when my remnant has received the Kingdom Powers prepared for them. I will open the Heaven and will shower them with my Glory.

It will be through these lights that the harvest of the ages will be brought in. Through these lights great revival and a great awakening will come forth.

A great Light

The world will see this light and many will be drawn to it. I will guide my lost sheep towards it and you, as my remnants, will do many miracles in my name.

I will send you in the midst of all the destruction to be the rock in the storm and the beacon of light in the darkness. Guide my prodigal sons and daughters back home into my open arms. A great Light will return to earth.


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