Prophetic Word for the 18th of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 18th of November 2020 - Transformation

I will transform you in the clouds when I come for my children and the harvesting brides. My day of visitation is so close. Stand ready to be plucked out of the earth into the clouds.

There you will meet me your Lord and Savior. I will come to transform you for your final task to bring in the harvest for the Kingdom. You will receive the mantles of the former and the latter rain.


I am not coming to remove my whole church into the third heaven as most believe but I will elevate the accounted worthy ones, the ones who have volunteered and separated themselves from the world, onto the new level of service for the Kingdom.

They will walk in my image and become my forerunners who will prepare the way for my second coming. They will walk the earth proclaiming that the Kingdom has come and that I will follow shortly.


My day of visitation will start the era of great awakening, huge revival and a perfect harvest for my Father and the Kingdom of Heaven. The dress rehearsal of the Millennium Kingdom has already begun.

The trumpet was blown on Zion and the Call to the Nations for the harvest workers has gone out and now the transformation of my chosen vessels in the cloud will usher in the end times. I am coming shortly with healing in my wings. Your transformation awaits you.


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