Prophetic Word for the 18th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 18th of October 2020 - My Kingdom is coming

I am standing at the door to take possession of my creation. I am returning to redeem my children and to set them free from their prisons of bondage and slavery.

Many people claim that my Kingdom is a spiritual one, that I only exist in their hearts and minds and that I will not come back to establish a Kingdom on Earth. They are gravely mistaken.

My Kingdom is coming

I was many times physically on earth as you can see in the scriptures and I will return again for a final time to restore Paradise on earth.

I am the only living God and I am not just a spirit as many claim. They will see my Glory and Power coming in the near future and they will stand in perplexity.

My Kingdom is coming

As for you my faithful children do not follow the voices claiming that my Kingdom is just within and that my throne is in your mind. These voices want to keep you away from me and my physical blessings.

I have created you in my image and I am as real as you are. Soon they will see me sitting on my throne together with the lamb when we will come down with Mount Zion. Then they will try to hide in the caves and in the places they have created but my wrath will reach them no matter where they hide. My Kingdom is returning to earth.


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