Prophetic Word for the 19th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 19th of December 2020 - You cannot imagine

What will happen shortly will be so amazing that you cannot imagine it. It will be beyond your wildest dreams but it is not a dream but my reward for the ones who diligently sought me.

The birth of the Sons and Daughters of the Most High is here. I will use them to be the rock in the storm, to bring in the harvest of the ages and to prepare the way before my son Jesus.

You cannot imagine

A great event is coming to the World. To a fallen world that needs shaking to wake up out of their slumber. A shaking of the proportion of Noah's time. A new flood is coming.

Not a flood to destroy the earth. I promised that this will not happen again. But a flood of judgements, war, famine, pestilences as you have never seen before.

You cannot imagine

Before the destruction will manifest I will remove my children, the innocent, and a few worthy ones out of harms way and I will transform my harvest workers into the image of my son Jesus and clothe them in the garment of light.

It will not happen as most people think. It will not be the rapture but you will see a supernatural event taken place in which I will gather my chosen vessels for such a time as this. You cannot imagine.


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