Prophetic Word for the 19th of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 19th of November 2020 - Harvesting brides

You are my harvesting brides, selected, prepared and chosen for such a time as this. Ready to be transformed by my son Jesus into his images to walk the earth as his forerunners.

Beautifully adorned as a bride made ready for the wedding you will proclaim that my Kingdom has come and you will lead many people to righteousness and onto the path towards Mount Zion.

Harvesting brides

But under your splendid ropes I see my full armor and in your hand instead of of the wedding bouquet I see the mighty sword of the Spirit. My harvesting brides are also my powerful warriors that I have raised to stand against the evil flood.

You are standing in unity. Shoulder by shoulder on the line of battle to charge the enemy as soon as my son as the commander in chief will give the command.

Harvesting brides

You will walk in the former and the latter rain under my cover and protection so that the battle will be taken to the gate and the generational seed war will come to an end.

Through your warlike actions a great revival, awakening and harvest will be brought forth and the world will finally see the battle between good and evil. The time has come to step on the head of the snake. You will be transformed and receive my power to do so. You are called my harvesting brides.


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