Prophetic Word for the 20th of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 20th of November 2020 - The Gathering

I will gather you under my wings to protect and to cover you. I have called you as my remnant into service for the Kingdom. You are chosen from the multitude to prepare the way for my only begotten son.

This is the time of the separation from the crowd, the time to step out of the World, Babylon and the old church ways. I need you as a remnant who will obey my voice and who will go wherever I guide you.

The Gathering

You have volunteered for the Kingdom work, set yourself apart for the service in the Holy Places as royal priests in the line of David and now I will gather you in the clouds to transform you into Kings.

I will transfer to you the first dominion. The key of David and the Power of the my Kingdom on earth. My remnant will walk as Kings and Priests in their final task in the world before I will take them home.

The Gathering

I am sending my son in the clouds so that the children will be rescued and that my remnant will receive the spirit of kingship and priesthood for such a time as this. He is coming to bestow onto you gifts and crowns.

The great Gathering in the clouds with your Lord and Savior is at hand. Lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing nigh. Stand together, separated from the crowd, in unity and ready to be plucked out of the world onto the new level. The Gathering is coming.


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