Prophetic Word for the 20th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 20th of October 2020 - The Birth

How long is a pregnancy? 9 months. If I tell you now that this specific pregnancy started in September 2020 then when will the birth be? In May 2021.

Who is in the process to be born? The sons of God. My true sons and daughters will step into their destiny latest at that point. At that time you need to be ready. A great event will be seen and you are called into your purpose.

The Birth

You have only a few month to prepare. Use every minute even if you cannot see the provisions for it yet. Plan, design, gather food and water. Prepare documents if necessary.

Plan to establish your Holy Places. Seek me for knowledge and wisdom. I will guide you to places in your dreams and visions. Listen to my voice. At Pentecost 2021 you need to be ready.

The Birth

Every minute you are growing the in the womb of God. I will send you provisions and finances so that you can stand fully armed and ready on the day of your birth.

Now you are in my womb and I will nourish you until you are grown to be birthed and seen by all Nations. Then an event will take place that will place you in the center of the world. Prepare yourself.


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