Prophetic Word for the 21st of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 21st of October 2020 - Kingdom pairs

I will send you out 2 by 2 as my Kingdom pairs. You will be coupled, a man and a woman to step into my fields of harvest. I will send you out as sheep under wolves. Do not be afraid I will be with you always.

My power witnesses will be released on the earth to testify about my Kingdom. They will establish assemblies wherever they will go. These will be my storehouses for the harvest.

Kingdom pairs

A great cloud of witnesses will move across the earth. Walking in Spirit and Truth under my open Heaven. They will carry nothing then the provisions I will give them and they will act in my name and not their own.

I will cover and protect them so that the enemy cannot overtake them. They will be warned of any upcoming danger and a path will open up for them to escape. They are my true sons and daughters.

Kingdom pairs

These witnesses are now in hiding. In their preparation time to get ready to step out on my command. A Mega event will shake the earth and this will be the sign for my witnesses to start their race.

I am sending them out 2 by 2 to prepare the way for my son Jesus to visit Jerusalem again. My witnesses will declare my Kingdom to all who have an ear to hear and who are willing to listen. Woe to them who mock or scoff or even try to lay hands on my Kingdom pairs. My whole wrath will fall on them. I have appointed Kingdom pairs.


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