Prophetic Word for the 22nd of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 22nd of January 2021 - Ask

Ask and I will provide. Knock and I will open. Now is the time to plead your case for the upcoming harvest. Come before me with your requests and wishes so that I can grant them to you.

Ask for the resources you need. I want my true ambassadors standing in great light before the lost sheep. Nobody of my remnant will be seen as a beggar or desperate.


Send you wish list to my throne through prayers and intercessions. My court of heaven will then decide to grant you all what you have requested or you will receive the amount that you need according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

You will be able to open my Holy Places, to win souls, to lift up the needy and to spread my Gospel without ever lacking anything. I have called you out and I will support you.


Make a plan. What do you need for the start of your ministry. Where will you go and what have I promised you? Prepare in advance because the transformation is soon and then you need to move as I command you.

Remember that all your wishes need to be in tune with your Kingdom work. I will not grant you a worldly lifestyle in luxury. All resources must be used for the advancement of my heavenly Kingdom on earth. Ask and I will provide for you.


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