Prophetic Word for the 24th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 24th of October 2020 - You are called

No more excuses, no more denial. I have called you and you need to step forward and separate yourself from the crowd. I am seeking my harvest workers now.

Come to me, allow me to change you and your ways so that you can become my voice in the nations. Go into the highways and byways to collect the guests for the wedding. My church has not listened and will not attend.

You are called

I have given you free choice to choose between death and life. The time of your decision is here. Choose life and stand with me and my Kingdom.

I am not forcing any destiny on you but I am seeking volunteers who are willing to serve me as never before. Who are going out into the world to seek and return my lost sheep.

You are called

These volunteers will become my mouthpieces, my trumpets and my ambassadors on earth. On them I will bestow new mantles and gifts and them I will protect against any danger on their faithful path.

I am seeking my true and faithful servants for such a time as this to be sent our 2 by 2 as my messengers. You are called into your destiny right now. Come close to me and allow me to be your true father.


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