Prophetic Word for the 25th of February 2021

Prophetic Word for the 25th of February 2021 - I am here

Your time has come and I am here. I am here to collect my bride and my children. I am standing at the door knocking for you to open. The wait is over.

I have come for your redemption and for a new beginning for my harvesting brides. A new beginning in which you will walk as my images on earth and in which you will gather the lost sheep.

I am here

I came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and now the time for the great harvest has come. The multitude clothed in white is all about the lost ten tribes of the house of Israel.

You will be directed by me, protected by the heavenly Kingdom and elevated to Kings and Priests by my Father. You will walk in the first dominion here on earth.

I am here

Rejoice because your time has come and because your name is written in the Kingdom of Heaven. Powers will be given to you. Powers that you cannot comprehend right now but that you will use in your final task before I call you home.

I will transform each and every warrior of mine in the Remnant Army of Kings and Priests so that you can finish the race strong and so that you are victorious over the enemy forces. I have come and I am here.


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