Prophetic Word for the 25th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 25th of October 2020 - Time is short

I beseech you my children, step forward. Get ready to be called into your destiny. The time is so short. Very soon everything around you will change and you need to walk a new path.

Stand up now and do your first steps in your new destiny. I have shown you your purpose here on earth and have sent you dreams and visions to see what lies ahead of you.

Time is short

I am counting hours before my angels, who are standing at the four corners of the earth, will receive my command and will strike. The earth will shake violently and many places will split open.

The time is short and I am using many voices to guide you through the door into your missions that are awaiting you. You will finally walk in the manner you meant to be.

Time is short

My children do not look to the right nor left but focus on the straight path ahead of you. Do not get sidetracked and do not look back. Remember Lot's wife.

Stand up now and learn to do your first steps so that you will be able to run when I call you. Your physical manifestation of your whole existence within me has arrived. The time is short.


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