Prophetic Word for the 26th of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 26th of January 2021 - Co-heirs

Remember that only through my son Jesus you will have access to my throne room. Through the blood of Jesus I adopted you and you became co-heirs to the throne.

You have access to the Holiest of Holy every day because you are a called out nation. Pilgrims in the world but citizens of Heaven and not only ordinary citizens but royalty.


You belong my my royal household and I call you Kings and Priests on earth. You were selected even before you were born to become my remnant and my ambassadors on earth.

A remnant that understands to be a prince or princess of the Kingdom of Heaven. A remnant that stands in prayer and repentance but also are powerful warriors on the battle line.


I will give you the first dominion, my first heavenly rule, on earth through your holy places, my embassies of Heaven. There you will reign and rule outside of the nations or the world.

There you will bring in the harvest and there you will expand my Kingdom yo all the nations. The Kingdom of God has come and is manifesting right in front of the eyes of the world. My co-heirs of the throne will move in a mighty way.


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