Prophetic Word for the 28th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 28th of December 2020 - Flying high

You are called onto a new level for my Kingdom. You will fly high for all to see. I am lifting you up to a new destiny. A new path to walk with me in Unity.

Flying high means to embrace the principles of Heaven of Love, Mercy and Compassion and to apply them in your walk and purpose here on earth. You will set examples that were not seen since the time of my son Jesus.

Flying high

My eagles will be called out of their nests into the air. They will soar through the heavens and all will see the light. They have been birthed and hedged for this moment.

Their sharp eyes will see all evil and they will shoot down and attack the enemy wherever he will appear. But the children of the Kingdom will be carried on their eagles wings to safety and towards eternal life.

Flying high

Flying high means to stay closer to the Kingdom of God, to connect faster and to receive my anointing and blessing earlier than others. It means to have a new intimate relationship with me, your Father.

My eagles are the Remnant Army of Kings and Priest on earth for such a time as this. To be my mouthpieces and my voices crying in the wilderness, guiding the harvest back into the Kingdom and towards Mount Zion. They are flying high and above all else.


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