Prophetic Word for the 29th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 29th of December 2020 - Above and Beyond

I am taking you now above and beyond anything that you have encountered yet. You will walk a path that is only available to the remnant that I have chosen.

Above anything that you have ever learned in your churches or seen in the scriptures. Beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations lifted up close to Heaven.

Above and Beyond

This is the time Jesus spoke about when he said that you will do greater exploits what he has ever done. You will walk in his imagine for the world to see. Understand what this means!

Great responsibility will be laid on your shoulders. If you fail all will be lost not only you alone. This new path is a community effort and all sons and daughters called into it must fulfill their part. Listen to what the Spirit is saying to you!

Above and Beyond

Walking in the garment of light as my angels do requires faith that is above anything I have ever asked you before. Do not falter even one minute. Do not take your eyes from the prize. Do not stop running the race. Everyone called out into this destiny must stand his place.

You will encounter things beyond your understanding and at that moment you need to trust in me completely and walk in the most powerful faith you can muster. Remember David versus Goliath! Your destiny is set into motion right now. Do and fulfill everything I am asking you for. Above and Beyond!


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