Prophetic Word for the 29th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 29th of October 2020 - And the race begins

Get ready and wait for my signal. The race will start soon and the runners are gathering together. This race is the race for eternal life. For the victory crown that my son Jesus has received.

Move now to the starting line, stretch your body, put your mind on the race and be prepared to hear the trumpet that will call you into service. The time is at hand.

And the race begins

I trained you well and you have all received that you need for this race. The race for my Kingdom of Heaven. You qualified through your years in the wilderness and the time I refined you as gold in the fire.

Now you are strong and able to run for the Kingdom without breaking down in the middle of the race. I have placed on you the calling of a son and daughter.

And the race begins

Gather together at the starting line and take your positions. I am ready to give the signal for the start of the race. Be obedient and follow my voice and you will finish the race as the victor.

The crown of victory (Stephanos) will be yours. Believe that you are well prepared and that I have removed you from the world so that you can run the race for my Kingdom. The race begins shortly.


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