Prophetic Word for the 29th of September 2020

Prophetic Word for the 29th of September 2020 - Jubilee

You have entered my Jubilee for the Earth. I will redeem my people who are standing for the Kingdom of Heaven. I will let them return to their inheritance and rightful family of Heaven.

I will release their debts and any dependencies towards the World, Babylon or the Churches. I will open the prison doors for all who are bound. I will destroy all strongholds that are holding you back and I will guide you into your destiny.


The trumpet has blown on Yom Kippur and my year of Jubilee has begun. Prepare yourself to receive my Jubilee blessings. I can only bestow them onto you when you are ready for your destiny here on earth.

For this purpose I have refined you as Gold in the fire. Now you need to step out and declare and decree that you are ready to walk my path of Glory and that you are willing to be my harvest workers.


The Jubilee blessings are not for a luxurious life but are the resources and finances for the upcoming harvest work. My Ambassadors of Heaven will not stand naked nor as beggars before the world.

They will be blessed beyond measure so that the fallen world will know that they are serving the only living God and a great Father. The Jubilee blessings are for Kingdom purposes only. Prepare yourself. Stand ready to receive my promises and provisions.


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