Prophetic Word for the 2nd of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of December 2020 - Called forth

I am calling you forth into your destiny away from the deception of the old serpent. Walk through that open door before I close it and before you are left behind in the World.

Lift up your heads and watch the sky. I am sending my son into the clouds with New Jerusalem and there I will gather you to be transformed for your service towards me as Kings and Priests.

Called forth

Don't you feel the calling, the urging in your soul to put on the whole armor and to walk through the door onto the battle fields? Don't you yearn to prepare the way for my only begotten son?

Why are you watching the ground where the snake is moving instead to watch my heavenly Kingdom. I am calling you into service but you listen to the lies of the World.

Called forth

The enemy wants you occupied with things of this world so that you will miss your day of visitation. He created many deceptions and you are falling for his plots. You are talking about his ways and by doing so you deny the powers of my Kingdom.

Stop right now! Do not be afraid. Walk through that open door and lift up your heads towards heaven. My son Jesus is coming for a ready bride. You are not ready when you follow Satan and fall for his schemes. I warned you. My door will close as the door of Noah's Ark closed and then my judgements will fall. Choose life over death and walk through the door into my Kingdom. You are called forth.


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