Prophetic Word for the 2nd of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of January 2021 - First Fruits

I will take my first fruits to heaven. They will be removed out of harm's way. The shaking of heaven and earth has started and the innocent must be rescued.

They are called my first fruits unto ascension as I called my son Jesus to me to be at my right side until the restoration of all things. He came to me with his first fruits and now the children must follow.

First Fruits

They will be a sign to you and to the world that my promises of taking you home are real and will not fall void. When they disappear the time will come for my true church to be raptured into paradise when they have cleaned their garments in the blood of the lamb.

You always knew that this day will come and I prepared you to be the rock in the storm and to provide the answers the world will desperately seek when the event will take place.

First Fruits

My first fruits will stay with me so that I can protect and love them as they deserve. No harm should ever come to them and I will reunite them with their families at Mount Zion.

Tell the weeping mothers and fathers that they need to walk the path towards my holy mountain to see their children again. My mercy will grant them access to paradise. Guide them and help them to be ready for their great day and the reunification with their children. I am taking my first fruits now.


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