Prophetic Word for the 2nd of March 2021

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of March 2021 - Relocation

You travel through time because Satan wants to ensnare you in the world. He seeks to bond you forever in his presence. He uses technology to alter time.

But not only time. You will also relocated to a place where you have lived before. But this time it will be different. The old events of that place cannot be repeated.


I will allow Satan to do so because this snare will start the end times. Do not worry. I will will be with my chosen vessels always and when the time comes I will cut the days short so that you can escape from the trap.

The enemy thinks that he has won but by pulling you back the bow will be made ready to shoot the arrows. My harvest will be brought in during the first relocation.


Expect something new but also something that you remember. A change in time is at hand and the world will stand in perplexity. Satan will explain it with scientific terms but the truth is that my hand had opened the heaven.

At that time many people and my innocent children will vanish. They will not be relocated to the same time nor place as you will. You know the truth about this event and you need to spread this message to all people. The World will seek answers and you have them. Be the beacon of light in a confused world.


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