Prophetic Word for the 30th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 30th of December 2020 - Called forth

I am calling you forth into your destiny. But what does this actually mean? Does it mean to continue your usual path, living a normal life and continuing to do the same things?

Your call is for a new path, my Glory path, that is set before you. It is a Kingdom path that will lead to Mount Zion and eternal life. You are being elevated to a new level and new understanding.

Called forth

My Kingdom age has arrived and I will have shake heaven and earth. All will change and many are not prepared or do not even care - as it was in the days of Noah.

But you have seen the signs of the time, my signs in the sun, the moon and the stars. You will not stand in perplexity when the end times will begin and war is at your doorsteps.

Called forth

You have already started a new walk, as chosen vessels of my Kingdom, a walk in a new close relationship with me. Separated, elevated and transformed to be my harvest workers here on earth.

I called you forth to be the rock in the storm, the beacon of light in the darkness. When the world will seek answers you can provide them with faith and confidence as my true sons and daughters. You are called into your destiny now to save many souls who would otherwise perish. Walk with me a new path towards the holy mountain, Mount Zion. There I will reward you for your faithfulness.


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