Prophetic Word for the 30th of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 30th of January 2021 - The Sign

Have I not promised you a sign? The sign of Jonah as he was to Nineveh so will my son be a sign to your generation. Jonah walked within Nineveh for 40 days.

My son is on the way to walk with his bride for 40 days on earth. Every prophecy and every scripture will be fulfilled. My law is undeniable and valid for all of my creation.

The Sign

Will they accept my son when he comes for 40 days? Will he find faith on earth? Only in his bride and the ones who have made themselves ready for his coming.

The ones who understand visions and prophecies and who have watched diligently for his coming. They never took their eyes away from heaven, always praying and hoping that the hour has come. Now it is here and the sign will be fulfilled.

The Sign

The ones who were not watching, who were rejecting my messages and prophecies and who claimed to know it all, these fallen away ones will reject my son Jesus and will miss their day of visitation.

I have warned them through so many prophetic voices but they remained in the world when they should have returned to my Kingdom of Heaven. I mourn for each and every one of them when they embrace the enemy more and more. Watch therefore! The sign promised will be fulfilled now.


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