Prophetic Word for the 30th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 30th of October 2020 - Great Faith

I am finally seeing great faith among my sons and daughters. They are standing up for my Kingdom and gather together for the final race to start. Come all and join the Kingdom age.

I am standing with you together and I will guide you into your destiny to go to the places where you are needed the most. No matter from which nation you are from there are always lost sheep that need a shepherd who will guide them home.

Great Faith

Continue to come forth and support my Call to the Nations. I am seeking more harvest workers because the fields of the earth are so huge but the number of workers is small.

Invite your family and friends to stand with you for my Kingdom and prepare yourself well for the task to proclaim this Kingdom of Heaven in your neighborhood.

Great Faith

I am seeing more faith in the last days then I have seen for a long time and many are hearing my call but need a little bit more encouragement to step forward.

Support and help the ministers and ministries involved in the preparation of my harvest workers so that the multitude clothed in white can stand at the base of Mount Zion when I return to the World to judge them. Continue in your great faith.


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