Prophetic Word for the 31st of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 31st of January 2021 - The journey

A new journey is beginning. For my son because he left the house to collect his bride but also for the bride who will enter her destiny and they two will become one.

A new journey that was decided about a long time ago when the world was created. All is and was my plan for all humanity so that the day would come when my creation returns to heaven.

The Journey

What about the ones left behind you will ask? Would I leave them behind and not prepare for them a way to join the bride? Am I not a merciful God who loves all of his creation?

A part of my bride will remain as my harvest workers to guide the lost sheep to my holy mountain where they will have a second chance to enter my Kingdom.

The Journey

For the bride a journey will end but for the remnant and the lost sheep a new journey has just begun. My son is coming to collect his bride and to anoint the harvest workers.

The portion of the bride was just the first fruits. A great harvest of the multitude clothed in white will follow at the sixth seal. Make sure that you will stand there to be raptured into paradise. The journey is just beginning.


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