Prophetic Word for the 3rd of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of November - Access to the Holy Place

Getting access to the Holy Place is a gift and you can do nothing to earn it. I have and I will grant this gift to faithful people who need it to fulfill a certain task or as a reward.

It was granted to some of my prophets to bring forth my messages for change. I rewarded it to Elijah for his special service towards my Kingdom and the apostles received it to bring in the harvest.

Access to the Holy Place

The result was and is always a change in a person and a transformation. I granted Paul the gift to save him from the enemy side and he walked as an obedient son of me.

This gift is rarely given and only when absolutely needed to bring my Kingdom forth on earth. You can do nothing to earn it because I decide who will receive it and when.

Access to the Holy Place

That is also the reason why you do not understand when I grant this gift to people that you see unworthy but I searched their hearts and knew that they will obey my voice always.

A new harvest time has come and new apostles and disciples are rising to this occasion. I will grant them access to my Holy Place when I see that they are worthy harvest workers for the Kingdom. Step forward now with all what you have and commit yourself to my Kingdom alone.


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