Prophetic Word for the 4th of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 4th of January 2021 - My shadow

I will open the heaven and my shadow of glory will come to cover you. In it you will find the treasure that was always prepared for you. Your blessings are stored up and ready to be poured out.

When my shadow of glory will fall upon you then do not be scared because I come in darkness. Thick darkness. But this darkness carries a bright light that will transform you.

My shadow

It is containing all the power and glory of my kingdom and carries the rewards for your diligent work and faith that you have shown towards me.

Your rewards are kept within my shadow of glory and through it all my promises towards you will be fulfilled. The storehouse of heaven will open and your blessings will be released.

My shadow

Wait for the moment that the heaven will open over you and then receive my shadow of glory in an instant. A great treasure chest will be given to you that will allow you to enter your destiny on earth.

The moment is near. Stand in eager expectation until the day when my shadow of glory will cover you. You are my chosen vessels and the standard that I am raising against the evil flood. My shadow of glory is coming to you.


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