Prophetic Word for the 4th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 4th of October 2020 - Shrouded in Light

My lights will never go out in this world no matter how much darkness will fall. I will always keep a remnant that I will shroud in light for all to see.

As I had preserved 7000 holy ones in the days of Elijah I will now keep a remnant for my Kingdom of Heaven. They will walk in great obedience and faith. They are my ambassadors on earth.

Shrouded in Light

The world will see the places of light and they will be drawn to it. Same holy places are dimmer than the others because they will light up with the numbers of gathered remnant warriors.

My people shrouded in light will be protected from any demonic activities and no evil can overcome them. Demonic spirits will pass them by as if they have not seen them. My remnant is covered in the blood of the lamb.

Shrouded in Light

The Light is the new mantle that my remnant will wear as witnesses of my heavenly Kingdom and for my Glory. They will heal the sick and raise the dead in my holy name.

Clothed in the Light of Heaven, guided by the Holy Spirit and walking as images of my only begotten son Jesus. My end time harvest workers are my true sons and daughters. They will be shrouded in Light.


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