Prophetic Word for the 5th of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 5th of January 2021 - Kingdom purposes

I called you into Kingdom purposes but I see that you still support the world instead of my Kingdom. How can I trust you with much when you cannot handle a little.

Your blessings are stored up in heaven ready to be poured out to those who are accounted worthy to receive them. The day will come when I will ask you for everything you have. Will you answer my call?

Kingdom purposes

Now only little is required from you but when I remove the restrainer and the world will enter the great shaking much more will be at stake. At that time I must be able to count on you without hesitation or excuses.

Step forward now and show that you are part of my Remnant Army of Kings and Priests. That I have chosen you well as my harvest workers and that you will stand for my Kingdom and my Kingdom alone.

Kingdom purposes

You need to cut your worldly affiliations for my Kingdom purposes. Seek me as never before. Come and receive my messages instead of the ones from the world. Separate yourself from worldly channels and their content.

The time of my return has come and you have entered the Kingdom age. You need to choose between the earthly Kingdom of Satan or my heavenly Kingdom of Power and Glory. Stop fueling worldly agendas and start supporting Kingdom purposes only.


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