Prophetic Word for the 5th of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 5th of November 2020 - Faithful servant

You are my faithful servant over many years and have not strayed from the path. I sent you into many dark places to learn and understand the ways of the Kingdom.

You saw and experienced suffering, death and sickness but I also blessed you with gifts and great wisdom from heaven. Your path will come to an end now. A new door is standing before you.

Faithful servant

Together we will walk through that door and I will never leave your side. The new path that will open will lead you to my holy mountain, Mount Zion.

Will it be easier than before? No. Many new experiences will again bring you to the edge of your human power but I will give you strength to run the race until the finishing line.

Faithful servant

Many years have you spoken my words to unrepentant people. You got mocked and scoffed upon countless times. Even your own family called you reckless because you stood for my Kingdom.

Your crown of service is already stored up in heaven for what you have done. But this is not the end just a new beginning on a new level with me, your true father. Continue to serve me as a faithful servant.


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