Prophetic Word for the 6th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 6th of December 2020 - My Remnant

I always separated my chosen vessels from the crowds to use them for my purpose. Noah had only 8 members in his Remnant but I used them to populate a whole earth.

Gideon's army had 300 warriors that I sent against thousands of the enemy and he prevailed and was victorious. In the upper room were only 120 out of thousands that had received the word from my son. But with this Remnant of 120 I sent my Faith through the whole Earth.

My Remnant

These were faithful servants who came out of the old ways, separated themselves from the world and followed my call. None of them were mass movements or Mega Churches but a small remnant to show my Glory.

I have set apart a new Remnant for such a time as this. They are small in number but full of faith and zeal. They listen to my voice and they will go wherever I will guide them. They are my Remnant Army of Kings and Priests.

My Remnant

Do not be mistaken! A great harvest will come forth through their activities on earth. I will use them mightily to represent my Kingdom in all nations. They are my ambassadors, trained and prepared, to proclaim that my Kingdom has come.

They will walk in the byways, in the villages and in the wilderness but they show forth such a great light that many will be drawn to it. I have selected a new Remnant to walk as images of my only begotten son on earth. They are chosen and sent by me!


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