Prophetic Word for the 7th of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 7th of January 2021 - Cup of trembling

A cup will be presented to you. The cup of trembling is here. For my bride it is the betrothal cup that she will accept with trembling to become my future wife.

But to the world it is a cup that is running over. Filled with their evil deeds, abortion, lust and greed. A cup that will being them down to their knees when the world will be shaken.

Cup of trembling

My bride will receive it with a smile on her face and with love that she will send towards me. She has made herself ready for that day by standing away from all evil.

The world will receive it with mourning and lamentation when their children are gone and their hopes are getting burned in a great conflagration. Then they will realize that they missed my day of visitation.

Cup of trembling

I have come to take the children out of harm's way and to ask my bride into marriage. I long for her and soon the two will become one when I return in the clouds with great power and wonders.

But I also came to bring justice to the earth. To revenge the lost souls, the suffering children and the ones killed in the name of progress and tolerance. The world has become a new Sodom and Gomorrah and it will be burned again. The Cup of trembling has arrived.


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