Prophetic Word for the 7th of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 7th of November 2020 - It is time

I need to repeat it again and again. It is time. I am calling my witnesses who will walk 2 by 2 into the nations to proclaim that my Kingdom has come.

My outpouring over them will take place very soon. It is time and you have no more delay. Decide now if you want to gather together in the upper room or left behind in the world.

It is time

Spiritual maturity is a must for all harvest workers and I have prepared them well. Now you need to be elevated to the new level, the new thing that I am bringing forth.

Are you ready to witness for my Kingdom? Are you ready to do Kingdom works? Are you ready to separate yourself from the world and even your families? Are you ready to become my saints?

It is time

You need to stand up now, declare your faith, manifest it and volunteer for my next great move - the harvest of the ages (Revelation 14). I need active, willing vessels who will go wherever I will send them.

No questions asked, no excuses, no delays and no worldly thinking but pure, childlike faith, trusting that I will lead you into paradise, that I am your true father and that your name is written in heaven. Obedience is the tool in the hand of these new saints of my Kingdom.


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