Prophetic Word for the 7th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 7th of October 2020 - Do not stand against me

I see many of my children clinging to man made or church traditions that are contrary to my commandments. I am warning you! Do not stand against me or my heavenly Kingdom.

I am returning to judge the world and all of its inhabitants. You need to stand on my side so that I can cover you under my wings. I am your Lord and Father.

Do not stand against me

Do not believe in human doctrines, wishful thinking, escapism and prideful agendas of many church leaders. They are leading you astray and I will punish them for that.

My true shepherds know my voice and you can easily discern them from the crowd of worldly pastors. My shepherds will talk about my Kingdom only and how you can walk the narrow path to reach it and return to me. They will guide you towards my holy mountain, Mount Zion.

Do not stand against me

The worldly pastors and shepherds are preaching about politics, business and they are promoting their own agenda and nothing of what they do is producing any fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven. Stay away from them.

My true shepherds are calling you into action. To fulfill your destiny and purpose here on Earth. The worldly ones are tinkling your ears with an imminent rapture for the whole church. Are they accounted worthy to escape all these things? Very few are. Seek my true shepherds. They will guide you home. Do not stand against me.


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