Prophetic Word for the 8th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 8th of December 2020 - I will bless you

From the 24th day of the ninth month (12/10/2020 - Start of Hanukkah 2020) I will shake the heaven and the earth and from the very day I will start to bless you. A great change is coming to my chosen vessels.

My remnant is called into position for the harvest and the battle. I will bless you with transformation, resources and protection so that you can prepare the way before my son Jesus.

I will bless you

My angels are singing songs and praises about the sons and daughters that are being born in the upcoming days. These are my Kings and Priests who are gathered as a powerful remnant army for such a time as this.

My daughter of Zion is giving birth to the Sons of God and the whole creation is rejoicing. They will walk as my ambassadors on earth, seeking the lost sheep and bringing in the harvest of the ages.

I will bless you

My son Jesus is standing in the clouds, ready to lift up the ones who have made themselves ready by coming out of the World, Babylon and the worldly Churches.

They stand separated for my Kingdom in the upper room waiting for the command of Jesus dispatching his angels to collect them from the 4 corners of the earth to transform them and to be clothed in garments of light. From that day forward I will bless you.


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