Prophetic Word for the 8th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 8th of October 2020 - 88

This is an important day. It is an 88 day when all that I have planned will be set in motion. The month of October is my eighth month and the 8th day is set apart as the day when my silver trumpets will be blown.

88 is a powerful day for the Heavens and the Earth. A day of gloom and a day of rising. My Sons will rise to their destinies. My priestly shepherds will start to gather the sheep for the Kingdom.


Do you hear the sound of the trumpets? Do you see my angels coming down from Heaven with assignments? Do you see the foundation laid for the Towers of the Flock?

Heaven has opened over you and I am coming to connect with you to call you onto the path of Glory and into your destiny to be my ambassadors on earth.


This day is a historic day when Heaven merges with the earth and my places of safety are getting established. The harvest needs a place to be stored and I will provide these places, my store houses.

I am gathering my called out ones into assemblies where they will train and teach more priestly shepherds so that the whole world can be harvested. I will make paths were there was no paths and I will provide provisions for the poor. My shepherds will be blessed for their Kingdom work. 88 - The great day of the end times. The beginning of the end!


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