Prophetic Word for the 9th of February 2021

Prophetic Word for the 9th of February 2021 - Diadem of Beauty

You will be my diadem of beauty for the whole world to see. You are my chosen bride for such a time as this. Made ready for their destinies and purpose here on earth.

Precious pearls of my Kingdom who will speak the truth and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom in a new way. Who will guide the lost sheep onto the narrow and righteous path towards Mount Zion.

Diadem of Beauty

My perfect brides who have volunteered to serve me as never before and who will walk in the image of their bridegroom Jesus Christ. A transformed people who understood that they always belonged to my Kingdom.

They will run not walk, they will seek and will find, they will speak and manifest because they are in my palms. I will keep them, I will protect them and I will guide them to the places wherever I need them to be.

Diadem of Beauty

They will walk in white robes as my diadem of beauty, surrounded by a great light and covered with the Spirit. All of mankind will see and recognize them as my true sons and daughters.

They have woken up, realized that they slept for too long and now they rush like a mighty wind to bring in the harvest of the ages. They will seek the lost sheep of the house of Israel and will return them home to my Kingdom. My diadems of beauty.


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