Prophetic Words for the 22nd of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 22nd of November 2020 - Come out and go in

Come out of her so that you can be transformed into the new wine skin. I am calling my remnant army of Kings and Priests to gather my lost sheep from the four corners of the earth.

At the same time I will lead you into your promised land. You will return to the Garden between the two rivers, returning to Paradise where we walked in unity together.

Come out and go in

Once before I took my people out of Egypt and towards my holy mountain. From there they entered into the promised land. Now I will do it again and gather you from the ends of the world for that purpose.

Coming out of the World moving towards Mount Zion and there I will grant you access to your promised land. I will rapture you into Paradise. But not before you have become my harvesting brides and my remnant army.

Come out and go in

I am doing a new thing and I will fill new wine shins with the wisdom of the just and the knowledge of the Kingdom. All in preparations for my only begotten son Jesus to become King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

My Kingdom has come but many of my children are still sleeping. I will wake them up when I start to shake Heaven and Earth. As for you my true and faithful servants, you will I use to guide the lost church towards Paradise. You are my leaders in these end times. Come out and go in.


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