The Great Exodus - Chosen

Michael - My testimony about the children and my Mission to Cambodia

I am the founder of Triple Grace and 54 years old. I always had great compassion for any suffering child in the world and so this year I decided to go on a Mission to Cambodia. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world and since many people lack resources children suffer a lot.

I was prepared for the worst but what I see here is breaking my heart every day. Homeless families with very young children that play naked on the roadside. No clean water, no clean food and no school.

Today I saw another heartbreaking picture. Three young children alone on the road, looking for food, holding each other by the hand. The youngest, a girl, around 3 years old had no shoes and walked on the concrete road. A picture of suffering! Such young children must be rescued, fed and taken care of.

Most of the time the parents are looking for jobs or collecting rubbish to survive. They do whatever they can to support their children but poverty forces them to live on the road under dire circumstances. The children do not go to school and are helping to find food or things to sell.

We, Triple Grace, assist such children and their families with clothing, food, shelter and especially education. In some cases we provide health care and counseling when violence is added to the mix and the children get abuse