The Great Exodus - Consider

Jesus is coming and right at the door. Show that you are worthy to escape those things that will come onto the earth. Help us in our urgent projects:

Clothe the naked and guide them to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is our emergency program for homeless children who many times wander around naked, alone and with no hope.

In this program we are clothing them, get them enrolled for education, supplying school uniforms and books and picking them up to bring them to school daily. Sometimes they are used to sell products or to beg on the roadside and so the parents do not want them to go to school.

We also provide medical support, emotional relief and we teach them about the bible and what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did for them.

You can not love such children who have seen the worst side of life but are full of happiness and faith. It is for us a fulfillment to mentor to them and to place them onto the narrow path to salvation.

Be part of our program and support the poor children with clothes, books, uniforms and allow us to pay for their medical and school bills. Together we are strong and we can help so many more homeless children to find a new way in Christ Jesus.

Show your love and compassion for the homeless children:


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