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Urgent help needed! 7 year old girl on a bicycle collided with a lorry. Help to rescue her legs!

A sad Christmas story. A precious little girl rode a bicycle on an open road when a speeding lorry caught her and dragged her 20 meters along the pavement. Her legs are crushed and to rescue her she needs to be transported to a special hospital to the neighboring country Thailand. We, Triple Grace Charity, have organized so far the transport and the admission to the hospital. The total funds needed for the operation will amount to 25000 US Dollars.

In this Christmas season please open your heart for this unfortunate little girl and donate to save her legs. We want to see her again jumping up and down, going to school and smiling as all young girls do. When you remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who loved the children so much, then do not forget this precious little girl who suffers in a hospital.

Please donate towards her healing at these links:


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Also have a look at our Triple Grace Charity website and sign up for the newsletter so that you get updates and information about this little girl and her progress:

May GOD bless you in this season especially for your kind donations!


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