The Great Exodus - How to start as a follower of the Path

Yesterday the Lord gave Triple Grace and me a message for all who are listening.

His voice sounded harsh and like thunder: "I am the Alpha and the Omega. The truth, the way and the life. Have I not died for your sins at the cross? Have I not set before you an open door and an example for all to follow?

If so why do I see you keeping your precious money over the support of my precious child, Baby Grace? Why have you turned your back on this sick little one of mine?

Did I not come for the lost sheep, the poor and the sick? Did I not dedicate my ministry to rescue you all?

And you can not even rescue one of my precious children? My true followers will come forth in a mighty move and will save Baby Grace on this day.

If you turn the back on my precious one, Baby Grace, and hold your money more dear than me then you will have to pay a price.

I am the Alpha and the Omega. The truth, the way and the life. Nobody will come to the Father than through me.

End of His message. I do not know what the price is that you will have to pay if you turn your back on Baby Grace. But it could be a sudden loss of riches, properties, loss of a house or job, even loss of life. In the worst case it might be even loss of salvation and eternal life.