The Great Exodus - Isaiah 4

Establish the dwelling places of Zion in your neighborhood (Isaiah 4) - Become a harvest worker for the Lord (Luke 10)

Be one of the 72000 first fruits of the rapture period being send out by the Lord to bring in the harvest of the ages (Luke 10).

Triple Grace will take you by the hand and will assist you in establishing your dwelling place of Zion and will help you to become the harvest worker of the Lord by taking part in the spiritual Great Exodus that will clean your garments and will make them white as snow.

Partner up with Triple Grace and become an elder (first fruit of the rapture - Luke 10) ready to establish your dwelling place of Zion:

You will be set apart by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit as the first apostles were and you will be covered with a cloud and smoke by day and with a flaming fire by night (Isaiah 4) and then you will go into your neighborhoods and gather the wheat into the barn of the Lord - the great harvest of the ages!

There is no other ministry that will call you out of the world and Babylon and will set you on the path to the holy mountain - Mount Zion preparing you for the rapture of the church at the sixth seal.

Partner up with Triple Grace now and become one of the first fruits of the rapture period (72000 harvest workers - Luke 10).


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