The Great Exodus - Seek the lost sheep

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Be part of a special community that is looking for the lost sheep:

Add action to your faith by coming together in a loving Community that is spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom worldwide and establishes Societies of the Rose in the Nations.

With only 10 USD you support our worldwide activities to bring the Gospel to the lost sheep. 10 USD will add action to your faith and you will be part of a community that spreads the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world.

It is time to add action to your faith and your donations shows that you believe in the end times and the gathering of the believers in Love, Unity and Support.

Everybody can afford 10 USD per month to allow the lost sheep to find our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

All of the subscribers at our YouTube channel are called forth to add action to their faith. Be part of Triple Grace and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to all Nations.

Thank you. You will receive a member e-mail that you are now part of this special community that is looking for the lost sheep and fulfills the commandment of Jesus Christ to go to all Nations.

Are you ready to serve the Lord with all your heart?

Become an elder, a state or national leader for Triple Grace in your country. Gather the people together in love, unity and support and guide them in the Great Exodus towards Mount Zion:

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