The Great Exodus - Set apart

If Christians have not even mercy on the plight of poor children then we are very far away from the way that Jesus showed us. Only 1 Christian !!!! has taken the challenge of a pure heart! One Christian out of millions. The falling away from the truth has truly arrived!

Until the 2nd of September 2019 you can still take part in the challenge and set yourself apart from the heartless, unkind and spiritless Christians who have even no mercy with poor children! If the result of this challenge is that only 1 Christian is worthy to be called that name then the rest should take a deep look into their hearts and make a change for the better.

The challenge of a pure heart:

Watch the video and ask yourself: Are you a true Christian with a pure heart that the first followers of Christ had?

Take part in the challenge of a pure heart here:

This challenge is running until the 2nd of September 2019 and we ourselves are very much interested in how many Christians are out there who have a true heart and see themselves as a first Christian follower of the path.

At the end of the challenge all participating Christians will be taken in a special prayer session to our Father, Yahweh and into the court of heaven because our rewards are not worldly but heavenly.

Become a partner of Triple Grace in your country by becoming an elder, a state leader or a national leader in the Gathering of the Saints:

Take the first step and be an early christian follower of Christ Jesus!

What do you think how many Christians will show forth their pure heart? And are you one of them?


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