The Great Exodus - Temple of the Lord

Zion 2025 - Building the foundation of the Holy Mountain - the Mission of Triple Grace

- Surviving the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast -

Establishing the dwelling places of Zion in our homes and gathering the assemblies of the Lord into them to create the foundation of the Holy Mountain and to bring in the harvest of the ages.

Coming out of the world and Babylon, the areas of influence of the Antichrist and the false prophet, being set apart from the old life and being born into a new life in Christ Jesus.

Coming together in Love, Unity and Support by sharing resources, supporting one another and showing forth the love of the father to the needy, the nameless and faceless. Being the example and standard of the Lord for all to see and bringing in the sheep into the fold.

Building the army that will stand strong against the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast. Being in the world but separated from its temptations, its agencies and its services. Solely proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom and the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Filled with the Holy Spirit and walking by Spirit and Truth. Gathering the lost sheep in the nations and placing them onto the narrow and righteous path towards Mount Zion.

Preparing for war, famine, pestilences and death by making the dwelling places of Zion the stronghold of the Lord that He will cover with a cloud and smoke by day and with a flaming fire by night. Storing food and water, using generators and solar devices and changing paper money to Gold and Silver.

At the same time rescuing the people the Lord guides us to daily and bringing them into the dwelling places of Zion to empower them as new harvest workers. Winning souls for the multitude clothed in white at the sixth seal and expanding through the whole earth from continent to continent and from nation to nation.

Walking spiritually in the Great Exodus out of the world towards the holy mountain, the mountain not carved with human hands. Towards the rapture into paradise at the sixth seal.

Walking by tribes - diverse dwelling places of Zion - in a steadfast order given by the Lord and guided by the King ahead of us and protected by the archangel Michael behind us.

Connected worldwide through the spirit of Elijah and supporting any dwelling place in need or trouble either through persecution or natural disaster.

A holy priesthood connected over oceans and mountains.

Ready to lift up the fallen followers of Christ in brotherly love at any time.

Drawing a line and making a stand against the evil flood and Satan by being an example of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for all to see.


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