The Great Exodus - Their blood will be on your hands

The year 5780 - Your year of new beginnings

This the year when you step into your destiny. Your plans and visions of the last 10 years will now manifest in the open and you will taste what was once only in your spirit.

It is the year of the mouth, praying and manifesting the true and narrow path of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The year when you connect worldwide with communities of love and righteousness but also the year when GOD will set you free from all bondage and slavery. You will come out of the world and Babylon and will be set apart for your prophetic work in the nations.

You will come together in Love, Unity and Support with your friends and families in holy tents of GOD, assemblies of purity, in your houses and you will shine the light into your neighborhoods.

You will be freed from all addictions and temptations of this world and you will be born again to fulfill your purpose here on earth.