The Great Exodus - We can turn the World upside down!

Something important has happened on 7/17

Heaven opened and a new revelation was given:

This revelation places the Book of Revelation into a timeline and it explains the appearance of Moses and Elijah at the Mount of Transfiguration and their work in the time that we are about to enter.

Heavenly wisdom was revealed so that you can make a choice - A choice between Life and Death!

Walk with us the path that leads out of the world towards Mount Zion and become a true son or daughter of the Most High.

If you are guided become a leader in the Great Exodus - Become an assembly of righteousness leader and sign up to our shortlist:

Please share this important revelation given on 7/17 through the Holy Spirit with all your friends and your family so that it might open the eyes of many who are either lost or lukewarm so that they can return to the Father!


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