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Societies of the Rose - Who and What we are?


The Commonwealth of GOD - Safe Havens of the LORD


Have you heard about Societies of the Rose but you do not know who they are and what they do?

Let us unveil who and what we are!

We are the ambassadors of the heavenly Kingdom, the weapons for combat of GOD, joint heirs with Christ Jesus, we represent the Kingdom and show the heavenly culture to the Nations.

Each Society of the Rose is filled with true sons and daughters of GOD acting as the Lions and Lionesses of Judah by walking as our Lord Jesus did. We are living true faith daily by coming together supporting one another, lifting up the needy and spreading the Love of the Father to all who will listen.

We will open the eyes of the sinners, polarize families, break nations and tread on serpents and scorpions. We are the manifestation of the true sons and daughters of GOD on Earth and the first dominion of the power of GOD in the world.

We are clothed in fine, white linen, not only spiritually but also physically because we have white uniforms for our special occasions. Societies of the Rose dress rehearse the coming Millennium Kingdom in Love, Unity and Support for all to see.

We are doing a casting call right now for people who want to become ambassadors of Christ, warriors for GOD and true sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father. Join us here:

Help us to bring forth as many Societies of the Rose as possible in the Nations by being a Patron for all ambassadors in the World here: or by PayPal:

Be a true ambassador of the Lord and bring in Sponsors and new members to our cause. Minimum 10 Sponsors and Members to receive an Ambassador badge on our website. Send you Sponsors to these places to send their acts of loving-kindness: or by PayPal: or on our website:

Inform us about your good work for the Lord and the sponsors and members you are bringing in to the Societies of the Rose and qualify for your own Society in your neighborhood. We are separating the wheat from the tares. Show your commitment to the Father and be part of the Societies of the Rose today!

The Lord wants to use you as His weapons on earth, as His ambassadors and His true sons and daughters.

Triple Grace


The Video is courtesy of Princess Bola Adelani:

600 SB

Spiritual Benefits:
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